About CHP

CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power, also known as cogeneration. It is a highly efficient approach to generating both electricity and usable heat from a single energy source. In a CHP system, a power plant simultaneously produces electricity and captures the waste heat that is generated in the process. This waste heat is then utilized for various purposes, such as heating buildings, producing steam, or driving industrial processes, maximizing the overall energy efficiency of the system. CHP systems are commonly used in industrial facilities, hospitals, universities, and district heating systems.

Types of CHP operations
Company history

Dasht Khavaran Energy Efficiency Company, with the benefit of academic and experienced management, and experienced and expert personnel, based on scientific knowledge and years of specialized experience in the simultaneous production of electricity and heat (Combined Heat and Power) Various types of CHP systems have been operated, including greenhouses, dryers, and water purification systems. Our main goal is to optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution with simultaneous production processes.

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